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The Bowspring

The Bowspring is a mind body practice that focuses on:

  • Posture, Movement, Breath
  • Willpower/Determination, Focus, Self Nurture
  • Accountabiity, Mindfulness, Compassion

About the Bowspring

The Bowspring is a mind body training practice, combining meditative focus with an optimal movement pattern that challenges our dominant default position and negative postural habits.

The emphasis is on functional integrity, concentric tone, strength, balance and lightness of movement.

The practice requires mental focus, positive breathing patterns and the development of self accountability and self awareness.

The practice is suitable for everyone regardless of age or fitness level and improves posture whilst conditioning and toning the body.

The Bowspring practice may be considered in three stages:

  • Postural Alignment & Relief from Chronic Pain
  • Mind & Body Fitness
  • A Lifestyle for Vibrant Health & Happiness

The benefits of the Bowspring are:

How to practice

Sridaiva Bowspring requires a period of assimilation which most students experience within ten classes. It is not recommended as a drop in modality but instead as a powerful tool to encourage and support change.

Read the following Huffington Post article to learn more:

Classes are available in locations internationally and private Sessions are available for students who wish to move at their own pace or who work best under direct tutelage. These can be done in person or internationally via Skype. Simply contact!

Workshops and Immersions are regularly held at Livity Bowspring in Barbados. One month sabbaticals are available for students wishing to immerse and retreat. Christy also travels and takes the Bowspring on the open road. Check out Bowspring Events to know where you can go to deepen knowledge, assimilate information and encourage and nurture support for your practice.

Please take a moment to click and read the following article in the Huffington Post about the Bowspring and Christy to learn more: “This Could Revolutionize Your Yoga”.

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